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Is your board representative of your organisation?

Is your organisation representative of society?

There are clear moral, legal and business imperatives in favour of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).  Above all, equal access and opportunities to all people to work under fair and equitable conditions is quite simply the right thing to do. Representation and inclusion are key to equity and social cohesion. EDI also improves company performance and helps to reduce social inequality.

A raft of research by Mckinsey, Gallup, Deloitte and Hay group, amongst others, clearly shows that well managed diverse teams significantly outperform well-managed homogenous ones, they are more profitable, competitive and innovative. Furthermore, improved employee satisfaction positively impacts productivity, organizational health and staff retention.  

To reap the benefits of diversity, organisations need to reflect society and their clientele and create a working environment where people feel secure enough to contribute their ideas and unleash their potential.

Whether you’re taking your first steps on this journey and you’re not quite sure what to do or where to go, or you have a well-established strategy that needs fine tuning, EDI connect can help you.

Using data to unlock the power of diversity, we work with a leading diversity data analytics tool and a network of highly skilled consultants who can help you deliver meaningful and measurable interventions, so you can create lasting behaviour change, achieve your goals and become an EDI champion. We focus on data, systems, people, culture and communication.


Does size matter? No. We work with all organisations, great and small, local and global.

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EDI Connect



Map, measure and monitor the diversity of your organisation.

Diversity Atlas is a unique diversity data analysis tool built on the world’s most comprehensive and inclusive data sets, it will help your organization reveal and understand the true (and sometimes hidden) diversity of your people, so you can develop an EDI strategy that’s based on data and driven by metrics.

With the Diversity Atlas platform, you can map, measure and monitor the diversity of your organization and the effectiveness of your actions in real time.  The insights you gain can inform strategy, training, recruitment, communications and inclusion programmes. In addition, they can also be used to cultivate engagement across teams and throughout organisations.


*Diversity Atlas is available in 8 languages and offers excellent value for money as it’s priced for small organisations of under 200 people all the way through to large multinational enterprises with many thousands of staff. 


For more info or to book a free demo, email your local Diversity Atlas partner at or call +447968438809 (UK)  +5571991119923 (Brasil)

What the clients are saying…

”Diversity Atlas helps organisations understand the diverse richness of their teams by running an anonymous Self-Identification (SID) survey. This helps organisations to better measure, understand, acknowledge and act on their Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Management strategies and how to better engage with a global workforce."   Nidhi Singh, Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Head (Amazon Web Services)


“As an organization with offices on two continents and staff, board members and advisors spread across the world, we had been looking for a tool to help us map and capture our diversity for some time. Diversity Atlas has helped us capture and think about this in ways we had never previously considered. The results have not only helped us identify some previously unknown blind spots but will also now help us develop future DEI strategies."

Beth Pertiller, Senior Director of Operations at Salzburg Global Seminar

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After measuring your diversity and performing a gap analysis to identify growth opportunities, you might need a consultant to help you take the next steps.Whatever your EDI needs we can connect you to a specialist who has the right skills, expertise and experience to help you on your journey.

Services Include:

Strategy and Consultancy Services

  • Strategy and policy review

  • Employee Resource Groups 

  • Coaching & Mentoring Programmes

  • Training, Workshops and Group Facilitation

  • Lunch and Learn Sessions

  • Comms planning and inclusive language toolkit

  • Talks

We work with all sectors and organizational sizes, local and global.

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+447968438809 (UK)

+55 71 99111-9923 (Brazil) 


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